libview 0.6.1 released
2007-08-21 13:27 PST

This release fixes a breakage in FieldEntry in recent GTK+'s, and also fixes a bug in OvBox in the order in which children are unrealized and their windows destroyed.

Release Notes:

  • FieldEntry should now have a proper minimum size, accounting for any extra spacing.
  • OvBox now destroys its child windows after unrealizing all children, allowing child widgets to reparent their own windows before they're clobbered.
libview 0.6.0 released
2007-01-22 20:16 PST

This release fixes a couple small bugs in the AutoDrawer widget. It also adds API to set an AutoDrawer's horizontal offset, for those cases where you want to control the position exactly.

Release Notes:

  • Fix a bug in AutoDrawer which would spew warnings if menus did not properly set their parent widget.
  • Fix a bug in AutoDrawer which was mucking up the result of ViewAutoDrawer_SetOverlapPixels.
  • Add the capability for an AutoDrawer to be positioned at a certain horizontal offset, rather than just toggled between fill and center.
libview 0.5.6: Now supporting the number 6!
2005-12-15 23:45 PST

An annoying yet amusing bug in view::FieldEntry was just discovered and fixed. Depending on the delimiter used in fields, certain keys may were not allowed to be inputted. In the case of our test, where "-" was used as a field delimiter, the character "6" wasn't considered a valid character. It was important enough to put a release out.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug where instead of checking if an inputted character was in a string consisting of mDelim and sTabChar, we were checking if it was in a string consisting of the added ascii values of the characters mDelim and sTabChar. This was preventing the character "6" from being entered when using "-" as the delimiter, which is how we found this.
  • Added a test case for the view::ContentBox widget.
libview 0.5.5: Making life just a wee bit easier
2005-11-29 16:53 PST

Just in time for VMware Workstation 5.5, we've released libview 0.5.5! It fixes a number of annoying bugs that previously required some small but annoying work-arounds.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug in UIGroup where Merge wouldn't call Unmerge if the group was already merged.
  • Fixed a bug where deactivating the AutoDrawer while it was moving would not do the right thing.
  • Added support for keeping the AutoDrawer open while the focus is inside it.
  • Added support for setting an alignment in the Header widget.
  • WrapLabel now wraps properly when being passed text in its constructor.
Pretty screenshots and descriptions
2005-10-27 21:23 PST

A set of descriptions and screenshots of what's available in libview has just been made available. You can reach this page by the "Widgets / Classes" link above. Not all of the descriptions have the ideal content just yet, but hopefully this will be enough to show off what's in libview.

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