libview 0.5.4: Hey, even we make mistakes
2005-10-27 18:03 PST

Due to a missing public API function that we forgot to add in 0.5.3, we decided to roll out a quick update. As much as 0.5.3 rocks, you'll want to get 0.5.4.

Release Notes:

  • Added a missing public API function needed for AutoDrawer.
libview 0.5.3 released
2005-10-27 15:30 PST

libview 0.5.3 has been released! This release offers a few new widgets, such as the FieldEntry (a Gtk::Entry that has delimiter-separated fields), IPEntry (an IP address entry based on FieldEntry) and AutoDrawer, which makes adding drawer support to your program even easier.

Release Notes:

  • Added the AutoDrawer widget that encapsulates the behaviour for the most common Drawer use case of an auto-hiding menu/toolbar.
  • Added the FieldEntry widget, which subclasses Gtk::Entry and provides multiple delimiter-separated fields with alignments and per-field validation.
  • Added the IPEntry widget, which is a FieldEntry subclass for entering IP addresses. Unlike most IP entries, this one makes a best attempt to get in the user's way.
  • Tidied up all C Objects to remove deprecated code, to properly separate private and public data, and to add sanity checks to public calls.
libview 0.5.2 released
2005-09-27 15:48 PST

libview 0.5.2 has been released. This is a small bug fix release, but does rename and change the API for one widget.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug in WrapLabel's wrapping that would sometimes cause the label to grow too high.
  • Renamed VisibilityBox to ContentBox.
  • Minor code cleanups.
libview 0.5.1: It just keeps getting better
2005-09-13 13:18 PST

libview 0.5.1 has been released. This version includes two new widgets, the DeadEntry (a Gtk::Entry that is greyed out when no longer editable) and UndoableTextView (a Gtk::TextView with built-in undo/redo support). There were some additional bug fixes, and a few test programs have been added.

Release Notes:

  • Added a DeadEntry widget, which is a Gtk::Entry that appears greyed out when it's not editable.
  • Added an UndoableTextView widget, which is a Gtk::TextView that has built-in undo/redo support.
  • Added several small test programs.
  • Worked around a bug in WrapLabel where the alignment wasn't automatically set to 0, 0, which caused the text to start centered and wrap off the widget.
  • Fixed some bugs in Reparenter.
libview 0.5.0: Initial Public Release!
2005-09-07 16:51 PST

This library consists of several widgets we use in Workstation and other products. We have benefitted so much from open source that we decided to give back. These widgets are under the MIT license and are largely written in C++ for GTKMM.

All development of these widgets will take place on SourceForge CVS. We are getting rid of our internal tree here at VMware. That means the version of libview that you see is the version we're using. It's an active open source project, not just another dusty code dump.

We're still working on the web site, so there isn't a nice summary of what it contains just yet, but there are doxygen docs in the tarball. Hopefully, the web site won't take too long, but code's more interesting anyway, right? :-)

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