libview 0.6.6 released
2010-05-05 18:42 PST

This release fixes a regression in view::WrapLabel that was introduced in libview 0.6.5. This regression affects GTK+ versions older than 2.20.

Release notes:

  • Fixed a new regression in WrapLabel on older versions of GTK+. We weren't calculating the desired height for the label often enough, instead only doing it when the size allocation actually changed. Now we always calculate based on the width of the PangoLayout in order to guarantee we're referencing the correct height. This restores compatibility with older and newer versions of GTK+.
libview 0.6.5 released
2010-04-21 16:50 PST

This release fixes view::WrapLabel compatibility issues with the latest versions of GTK+.

Release Notes:

  • Fixed some major issues with WrapLabel on GTK+ 2.20. The wrapping was broken due to the PangoLayout of the label changing size at the wrong time. We now compensate by querying the sizes we need earlier before it has a chance to do that.
libview 0.6.4 released
2009-01-07 18:34 PST

This release provides some more control to ViewOvBox, and allows us to specify a vertical offset for the widget for cases where we're not guaranteed to be at the top of the GtkWindow. We've also worked around a deprecation error that has kept our users from being able to compile libview with newer GtkMM versions.

Release Notes:

  • Add ViewOvBox_SetVerticalOffset function, which repositions the "over" box at the given vertical offset. This is required for cases where the user wishes to shift the position of the "over" box down from the top of the GtkWindow (case in point: Workstation in multimon mode with different monitor resolutions, bottom-aligned).
  • Due to gtkmm2 using the deprecated GtkType, our users previously needed to compile with --enable-deprecated to get around it. Switching default to --enable-deprecated=yes in to be nicer.
libview 0.6.3 released
2008-12-07 15:56 PST

This release fixes some compiler issues and fixes an assertion failure that shouldn't be there with modern GTK+ libraries.

Release Notes:

  • Add AC_PROG_CXX to properly get C++ compiler definitions.
  • Remove an assertion on the result of gtk_grab_get_current which is no longer guaranteed with modern GTK+ libraries.
libview 0.6.2 released
2008-06-17 15:56 PST

This is a small feature addition release that adds a Close function to the AutoDrawer.

Release Notes:

  • Added a Close function to AutoDrawer, which closes the drawer immediately regardless of the location of the mouse pointer.
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